Reconnect with nature...

If you have ever dreamed of getting away from it all and immersing yourself in nature, this elegant mountain retreat, surrounded by forests and pastures is perfect for you. 

Charming mountain house, located on 1077 meters above sea level, on the outskirts of Triglav National Park. Anyone who visits the house, is taken over by the fantastic feeling of floating between heaven and earth, and at the same time falls in love with exceptional views of the Julian Alps and the Gulf of Trieste.”
Chalet Astra Montana is house where in symbiosis meet modern architecture and functionality of the consistent use of sustainable and high-quality natural organic materials.
Glass surfaces are blurring the boundaries of the interior and exterior and offer beautiful views  from the Alps till Adriatic sea.

A home for active guests who love nature and the mountains. Those who appreciate the fusion of local artisan skills with natural materials in a modern setting. And for those who, after an outdoor experience want to recharge their energy with the magic views.

Eco Mountain house Chalet Astra Montana was created due to the idea of reviving an old shepherd’s stable in the mountain Stador. The house is ecologically oriented also due to its energy supply, as it stands in an area without public wiring. Filtered rainwater is collected in 8000L reservoir, which is used as sanitary water through purifiers. Main heating of the house is provided by fireplace in the living room. Connected to underfloor heating provides a constant temperature in all season. Electricity is provided with small solar power plant. Everything is planned discreetly and thoughtfully so that many guests do not even notice that the house is energy limited.


Poljubinj 6a, 5220 Tolmin,
Soca Valley – Slovenia

T: +386 5 381 0 155
M: +386 31 376 749

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